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Benefit from
from our
valuable tips

The 10 sales-promotion
rules of counter

The quantity sold at the fresh food counter is decreasing. Now the industry is looking for new sales strategies to stimulate more sales. Focusing even more on special offers is not the solution. Tried and tested tips for a successful, easily adaptable and sales-promoting counter presentation.

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Tips for sales-promoting counter presentation

Sales-promoting counter presentation example

Sales-promoting counter presentation

Distinguish product groups specifically
from each other by colours or different surfaces

Do you have different qualities of different origins within one product group in your fresh food counter? This is usually difficult to recognise for laypeople. Use colours to make the product groups easily distinguishable – e.g. green for organic products.

The best quality is recognisable at first glance: High-quality meats are immediately recognisable as such when they are presented on elegant platters. A slate or wood look, for example, is ideal for regional and international specialities – and for a sales-promoting counter presentation.

Stimulate buying impulse

Our systems for a sales-promoting counter presentation

In order to stimulate a buying impulse in customers, the presentation of goods is crucial – especially when it comes to hygienically sensitive areas such as the food industry. Therefore, when setting up the counter, it is essential to think about hygiene as well as the external effect on the customers right from the start. PricoPlex supports you in this challenge with individual and modular counter systems. Contact us here for a no-obligation consultation.