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Product recommendation

Patented honeycomb insert
for best
meat presentation

Our patented honeycomb insert for your meat counter

No discolouration, no paper insert: our patented honeycomb insert offers great advantages, especially for butchers who want to use our counter trays for meat and sausage. Because the special technology not only contributes to an attractive food presentation, but is also sustainable at the same time.

You’re probably familiar with this: when meat lies in the fresh food counter for a longer period of time, it gets a grey underside. To avoid this, we have developed special patented honeycomb bases. This way, the meat is also ventilated from below.

A welcome side effect: small amounts of escaping meat juice are no longer visible with this technology. If your delivery plates and delivery trays are equipped with honeycomb bottoms, a paper insert is no longer necessary.

The honeycomb bottom inserts prevent
discolouration of the meat. According to customers, this is about 72 hours for beef. This means you can offer the meat fresh for much longer. This is particularly sustainable, saves time and of course money.

Christian Priebe
Geschäftsführer PricoPlex

patented honeycomb insert by PricoPlex

Advantages of our patented
honeycomb-insert technology

  • Natural meat colour is preserved
  • Optimized storage
  • Leaking meat juices disappear and allow an appetising presentation
  • Set accents: by “tone in tone” or colour contrast
  • Dishwasher-safe

Honeycomb bottom is
European Union trademark

PricoPlex’s honeycomb insert is a protected trademark throughout Europe since May 2023. The European Union Intellectual Property Office has entered the honeycomb insert in the register of Union trademarks. This underlines the importance and distinctiveness of the product.


Waste prevention
and reuse

Steak paper inserts are no longer needed, so waste is consistently avoided.

Reusable again and again

patented honeycomb insert by PricoPlex

Patented honeycomb Insert: For an attractive meat presentation