Highest quality
and functionality
from the beginning

High-quality counter equipment by PricoPlex

For a smooth working day, it is important to be able to rely on durable and robust products. That’s why we at PricoPlex manufacture particularly high-quality counter equipment, whose features and materials ensure that you can concentrate on the essentials. Thanks to our quality criteria, the counter trays and extension boards are durable and can be recycled in the end. With a sample specimen, you can see the advantages for yourself.

The break-proof counter and buffet equipment in the flexible modular system is available in expressive shapes, colours and surfaces. Since our founding in 1954, we have optimised both the selection of materials and processing methods, relying on modern manufacturing in Germany. The result: easy-care and at the same time very robust, visually attractive solutions.

Well thought-out details make everyday life easier

Our quality advantages
at a glance

  • Sustainable through longevity
  • Best materials and workmanship
  • Attractive surfaces
  • Stackable to save space
  • Modular combination options
  • Long-term repurchase guarantee
  • Quality products made in Germany


Extremely long
service life and
recyclable materials

We consciously rely on technically
high-quality and recyclable materials.

The average service life of our trays and platers is significantly longer than that of similar products. Due to the materials used, they are break and impact resistant.


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