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counter trays for the fresh food counter

Experience since 1954

Durable counter trays and platters with quality guarantee – made in Germany

At PricoPlex, we promote the demand for fresh food. For this purpose, we develop modular counter trays and counter plates with extremely long durability. This makes us a reliable partner in the field of professional food presentation for the fresh food counter. Our focus is on long product cycles and resource protection for our counter trays. We can look back on many years of experience and constant cooperation with our partners in the food industry.

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Counter planning

We have already equipped more than 8,000 fresh food counters with our break-resistant counter equipment. In addition, we provide you with individual advice tailored to your stock counter – with almost 100 percent space utilization. Because every counter is unique.

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Durable counter trays & platters

We not only guarantee first-class quality, but also pay special attention to the execution and design so that our products make your everyday work easier and more economical. In doing so, we are permanently expanding the product range.

Made in

Our products such as Display Trays and Deep Trays are manufactured in Germany under the highest quality controls. This guarantees a first-class product range in workmanship and design. For long-lasting use even under stressful hygiene measures.

High quality counter trays and platters


For new presentations at the fresh food counter or in catering: Attractive looks of out trays and platters enable food arrangements like in a restaurant. In a high-quality design language that stimulates the appetite for more and tastefully underscores quality.

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Counter trays sustainably produced


Manufacturer with a mission in sustainability

Focus on long product cycles and resource conservation. For us, this means sustainability: innovative product policy, conscious use of resources, energy and raw materials, responsibility for people and nature, and a long-term after-sales guarantee for our trays and platters. For a positive and successful future for your industry.


Leading food professionals rely on quality from PricoPlex:

Thüringer Landstolz

We have been using your display trays and deep trays for many years as it is a well thought out system that is easy to use, flexible and extremely durable. With our many stores, we are very fortunate that the series have remained the same over the years and can still be reordered …

Stefanie Mock
Vinzenz Murr GmbH

We have been using PricoPlex material for over 10 years and are satisfied customers. Delivery times are very short and reliable after the order. In addition to the long durability, another plus point is the reproducibility – even after years …

Tobias Resch
Metzgerei Moser

The very wide range of different shapes and colors allows us to make the most of every area of the counter …

Prechtl Frischemärkte

We are especially convinced of PricoPlex because of: Fast delivery time (even for small repeat orders), Durability of the products, Stability of the products, Variety of products, Honeycomb-Bottom inserts, General procedure…

Andreas Spirkl
Landmetzgerei Spirkl

The well thought-out concept of PricoPlex is directly adapted to our goods! We have noticed a longer usability/durability compared to our previous supplier! With a fixed and above all competent contact person as well as a field or indoor service, our orders and queries were made much easier!

Thomas Michel
Metzgerei Michel

The well thought-out concept of PricoPlex is directly adapted to our goods! We noticed a longer usability / shelf life compared to our previous supplier! With a fixed and above all competent contact person as well as in the field or indoor service made our orders and queries much easier!

Metzgerei Braidt
Counter trays for food in bakeries and confectioneries