Industries & Product Ranges
Fresh counter at the butcher

The meat counter

For high-quality and unique variety ranges in the meat offer: People who buy meat at the fresh food counter want a diverse range that is clearly distinguishable from each other. Make the range varied and attractive so that your customers can make a conscious choice for taste and quality.

Fresh counter for sausage

The sausage counter

Filled to the brim with the finest favourite sausage products for connoisseurs and connoisseurs: Cold cuts, home cooking, regional specialities – the range of sausages on offer at the fresh food counter is particularly large and of high quality. The attractive assortment already takes on advisory competence – optimally staged by eye-catching containers.

Fresh fish counter

The fish counter

Healthy offerings from river and sea: Present fine fish and seafood in a display that positively promotes freshness and storage conditions. Fresh ice cream in expansive bowls and platters makes your fish counter look perfect and attracts attention. This is your guarantee to your customers: We offer freshly caught delicacies.

Fresh counter for cheese

The cheese counter

For a life like God in France – enjoyable cheese specialities should be arranged with special care in the fresh food counter. From soft cheeses to hard and blue cheeses made from cow’s, goat’s, sheep’s and buffalo’s milk – present your assortment fresh and fine, like in a market stall. Use the counter trays and plates from our range.

Counter bowls for salad

The salad and delicatessen counter

pecial temptations from Italian antipasti to cream cheese dip: design your salad and delicatessen counter with display trays that are representative, easy to clean and durable. Because fill quantities change constantly throughout the day, you have a choice of practical additions – from salad tray carriers to reduction inserts.

Fresh food counter for vegans

The vegan counter

Culinary on the pulse of time – vegan products are gaining more and more followers. Be a pioneer and make your range of meat alternatives stand out from the rest. High-quality trays and plates in filigree form, with a modern surface structure or in different colours are ideal for this.

The bakery counter

Sandwiches to go – fresh, crispy and delicious for any time of day. The bakery counter is changing more and more, because sandwiches and sweets to go are increasingly in demand. Adapt your presentation system accordingly – with attractive snack waves, step displays, decorative and insert plates. Also use counter tops with accessories for your sales.

The snack counter

For small breaks in between – the attractive snack display: Hot and cold snacks attract customers to your counter. From meat loaf to stew to finger food: tempt with fresh snacks for in-between hunger pangs and encourage impulse purchases at your snack counter with a varied, high-quality presentation.

The confectionery counter

Fine sweet delicacies attractively presented in high quality: Do you also offer sweet temptations in your extensive range? Design your display as a particularly high-quality offer. With roundels, trays, filigree bowls or counter tops, you can make your confectionery products the centre of attention.


Varied buffets in well thought-out arrangements – catering has become a large market and continues to professionalise. The equipment at the tables should be as flexible as your catering programme. Choose display trays and platters that can withstand a lot, are durable and look appetising and appealing at the same time.